IT solutions & management platform

IT solutions and management platform

Optimize, accelerate and transform your business

Optimize, accelerate and transform your business with Lombo

The CANEA ONE product suite, designed and engineered by CANEA in Sweden, offers a unique set of capabilities for performance, process, project and content management. An all in ONE out-of-the-box management system platform and available in multiple languages. CANEA ONE is built on over 20 years of in-depth global business improvement expertise and provides a solution for managing the integrated set of processes and tools your organization needs to develop the strategy, translate it into operational activities and monitor and improve the effectiveness of both. CANEA ONE will unleash the full potential of your strategies, knowledge and teams. 

Lombo starts up in Sri Lanka to meet a growing demand of skilled IT- consultants all-over the world.
Todays CIO’s are facing a higher demand of IT support to be able to keep up with an even faster changing world.
Lombo (Private) Limited in Sri Lanka helps to convey skilled IT consultants to meet the customers needs. With the help of offshoring we can provide more cost effective solutions for our customers so they can focus all their energy growing in their own fields.

Work with Swedish customers

We can offer you an opportunity to work with Swedish customers without leaving Sri Lanka.
We value collaboration, trust and transparency most of all. Find out more in our job posting or send your CV as an open application.
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