Visualize your processes so that everyone understands

CANEA Process makes it easy to map business processes and keep the process models easily accessible and up to date. The tool also helps you link documents, databases and applications with the clickable processes models which creates an intuitive big picture view for all employees. CANEA Process is designed so that business users quickly can make changes to the process maps when needed so that they always reflect the current situation.


Simple and intuitive process modeling

Creates a shared understanding of your processes

Makes it easy to keep process models updated

Create a clickable process hierarchy with links

Continuous process improvements

Developing a visual representation of your internal processes creates a common understanding of the organizational activities, responsibilities and information  ows among all employees. This makes work smoother but also creates a great foundation for continuous process improvement work. A prerequisite for developing best practices is to create a joint picture of the current state and the desired mode. CANEA Process makes that possible.
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