Increase your project maturity and ability to deliver projects

CANEA Project is a comprehensive tool that will support you in taking your project maturity to the next level. CANEA Project allows your project managers to focus and to be leaders of your important project teams instead of administrators of project information. Collaborate with your team in one place and run projects with a best-practice methodology. CANEA Project will be your one and only project information portal for executives, portfolio owners, program managers, sponsors, project managers and team members.


Collaborate and communicate effectively within teams

Manage all project information in one place only

Plan your work smart and get everyone aligned

Get real time insights into project portfolio status

Make the most of your investments

CANEA Project will improve project management work in many ways. Powerful features for planning and control increase the ability to execute projects both within schedule and budget. The system will help you collaborate within teams, re-use experience from previous projects and get transparent and quick access to project information through all devices. You will also get a comprehensive and continuously updated overview of the entire project portfolio. It becomes easier to prioritize projects to increase the value of investments and choose the right projects. With CANEA Project, you can quite simply maximize the benefit of project investments.

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