Visualize your processes so that everyone understands

CANEA Workflow will let you automate, quality assure and speed up the organization’s administrative processes. Create process driven applications quickly without being an IT expert. With the powerful design tool it is very easy to define, deploy and improve both workflows, forms and business logic whenever the process need to be changed. CANEA Workflow manages all types of human-centric workflows such us claims, deviations, accidents, audits, risk and HR-processes.


Automates the flow of business information

Case information, communication, history and files in one place

Business in control of the workflow configuration

Analyze and monitor process performance and statistics

Helps everyone do their best work

CANEA Workflow will dramatically improve the flow and communication in your processes and support all involved with hand-overs and reminders. Simply get business done faster and better. With powerful features for reporting, analysis and statistics, process owners and executives will get a good overview of status, alarms and responsibilities. No cases get lost and the right decisions can be made. Also, involve external stakeholders such as suppliers and customers in your processes and reduce lead times even more.



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