Take the business to the next level

A business system where all the parts fit together
CANEA ONE links the strategy together with day-to-day operations. A modular system in which each piece is created to provide the right support for your business.


Here you can read more about CANEAOne customers succes stories

Ensure quality and food safety with industry-specific management systems

The needs of today’s aware consumers, combined with the industry’s requirements for quality and food safety, demand high standards of food industry operators. Whether you work in the field of raw material processing in industry, logistics, wholesale or retail, you have to comply with regulations and standards, and work for constant improvement. CANEA ONE is the platform to help you meet requirements while providing support for active quality assurance in the food sector.

Trensums Food

food & beverage

CANEA ONE provides significant support for Trensums Food
Food manufacturer Trensums Food is in an expansive phase and the pressure on the production lines is considerable. At the same time, the requirements for quality and safety are high. CANEA ONE is an important tool for production – every day. >>

The Absolut Company

food & beverage

The Absolut Company uses CANEA Workflow in its factories in Åhus and Nöbbelöv, Denmark.
Using CANEA Workflow for many different types of cases gives the business a good overview and the opportunity for a shared way of working for reporting, managing, following up and creating statistics for cases. >>

Relaunch of Region Västra Götaland Sweden

public sector

VGR (Västra Götaland Region) works in health, medical care and schools.With around 50,000 employees, Region Västra Götaland is one of Sweden’s largest employers. This means hundreds of different projects per year.  Now the region has chosen CANEA Project as its project tool. >>

Borås Energy in Sweden

public sector

Environment manages their entire business using CANEA ONE.
More effective and common ways of working, increased customer focus and a clear direction towards the overall mission and strategies: Borås Energy and Environment ended up at a stage where they needed to develop a business system. After implementing CANEA ONE, Borås Energy and Environment now have a uniform system that supports the entire business with a clear path from strategy to operations. >>

Andreas Stihl Norden - STIHL

manufacturing industry

Andreas Stihl Norden saw the need for an IT support system that would improve processes within and between the Nordic countries.
The system they chose was CANEA ONE and its implementation has led to a new monitoring model and clarity of strategy and management right across the Nordic region. >>

AC Floby - automotive components

manufacturing industry

Automotive Components Floby has been manufacturing products for the automotive industry since 1957. Following changes to its ownership structure, the company needed to build up a new management system. CANEA ONE system comprises an integrated handling of strategies, processes, cases, documents and projects and provides a connective thread in the day-to-day business operations. >>

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